My H1 2020 Watchlist

As I move the site towards investing content, I want to publish a list of companies I’m researching at the moment. Some of these may be on the list for a long time without me making an investment. In some cases, they’re firms I used to hold and wish I still did – there are a number of reasons for this such as taking profits early, finding ‘better’ opportunities, or moving to reduce risk by selling out of companies that have had a big run up in valuation.

I’ll try and update this list twice a year and might publish some more in-depth research on some of the companies. In this case, please do your own research, and remind yourselves of the disclaimer all over this site;


This isn’t an exhaustive list – you’ll note in this first version that I’m fairly heavy on financials; all of which are taking a hammering from rock bottom interest rates and global QE policies. I’m unsure on the effect this will have over the next 5-10 years (I suspect a bad one) and so am trying to avoid over-weighting towards financials any more than I REALLY want to (there’s a lot of deep value opportunities here but many could be value traps!). Likewise, I’m not overly keen on house builders right now – UK property prices are insanely high thanks to QE, low interest rates and the government Help to Buy scheme – I generally see more downside risk than upside potential here.

I may well be wrong in my analysis and many of these companies have been those I have been ‘following’ for ages without actually taking a position. I try to keep my portfolio turnover objectively low at no more than 20% each year.

I’m also not overly keen on holding shares which are quoted or pay dividends in foreign currencies due to exchange rate fluctuations and brokerage fees eating into what initially looks like a great opportunity. There will be a few of these on the list from time to time but it’s unlikely I will do much other than ‘window shopping’ with them.

  1. Anglo Pacific Finance
  2. Barclays
  3. Bellway Homes
  4. BHP
  5. Disney
  6. GlaxoSmithKline
  7. GlobalTrans Investment
  8. Henderson Far East Income Trust
  9. Inchcape
  10. INTU (more out of a sense of morbid curiosity)
  11. HSBC
  12. Legal and General
  13. Lloyds
  14. Mondi
  15. M Winkworth
  16. Paypoint
  17. Record
  18. Schroders
  19. Standard Chartered
  20. Unilever
  21. Warpaint London
  22. WH Smith