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I’m Henry Viola-Heir

I’m a private investor who has been investing since 2012 and writing about my process since 2015. By subscribing to my site you can follow along on my journey as I continue to develop my approach to investing and portfolio management. Unlike other investing blogs, my content is focussed almost exclusively on investing psychology and portfolio strategy and management, as opposed to acting as a tip source for individual companies.

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If you’re new to the site, I recommend starting with my index of most important articles which detail my investing philosophy, and my approach to company valuation, portfolio management, and risk management. These articles provide a basic introduction to the core tenets of my strategy and important concepts for successful investors.

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For daily updates, please follow me on, @HTVIOLA, where I publish a running commentary on company and investing news. In addition to this, I am a co-host on a popular retail investing podcast, the Twin Pete’s Investing Podcast (or TPI for short), and you can find an archive of my appearances on the media appearances page.


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